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Mr. Kumar K.C.

General Manager


Prem Raj Bhandari

Information Officer

Mob: 9751007714

E-mail: ntw@ntc.net.np


Nepal Transit & Warehousing Co. Ltd.

Branch Office, Custom Area, Birgunj

Phone No:. 051-521356, 051-621540

Contact Person: Narendra Kumar Chaudhary,

                       Branch Manager

This Branch was established in 1986 at custom Boarder area.


Main Function

  • Boarder clearing of Nepalese imports and exports.
  • Guarantee undertaking for the movement of Nepalese private commercial vehicles from the Nepalese boarders to Kolkata, Haldia and back
  • Warehousing facilities for Nepalese goods in Birgunj & Raxual Nepal Siding.

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