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Mr. Kumar K.C.

General Manager


Prem Raj Bhandari

Information Officer

Mob: 9751007714

E-mail: ntw@ntc.net.np


Services and facilities:

In order to achieve its objectives, NTWVC  has been rendering the following services.

§  Warehousing services:

The Company provides warehousing facilities at important transit points such as Kolkata, Haldia, Raxaul in India and Birjung and Kakarbhitta in Nepal for exports and imports in transit to and from third countries. As per the provisions on the protocol of indo-Nepal Treaty of Transit the Government of India has provided to NTWC the following warehouses and open spaces at the premises of Kolkata Port Trust (KoPT) and Haldia for the storage of transit cargo of Nepal on long term lease basis.



Warehousing Services                                                                   Available Spaces

                                                                                                                                               Sq.Ft.                   Sq.Mtr.

  • Open space  including Export shed at CGR Road, Kolkata, India            53518                    4972                                                                                                                                                                     
  • Open space, Haldia Dock, Haldia, India                                                    75385                    6985


Apart from the above warehouses and open land spaces provided by the Government of India, NTWCL has been operating its warehousing services also at the following transit heads in order to facilitate the transit cargo of Nepal.

Warehouses                                                               Available Spaces (Sq. ft.)


§  Raxaul, Nepal – siding, India                                                        7991.00

§  Birjung Customs Area, Nepal                                                      18311.55


NTWC aims to have scientific and equipped modern warehouses and Inland Clearances Depot (ICDs) at various transit points to render the most reliable, efficient and safe storage facilities for the traffic in transit to/from Nepal which helps to avoid unnecessary transit cost.


§  Clearing and forwarding Services:

NTWC also provide clearing and forwarding services to Nepalese cargoes –in-transit through Indian customs. The company started these clearing and forwarding services from mid June 1983. Since then it has been smoothly conducting the clearing and forwarding services for transit cargo of Nepal and various other associations, organizations and public corporations at competitive rates.


§  Undertaking Services:

According to the provisions of the Indo-Nepal Transit Treaty, Nepalese importers have to pay duty equal to the Indian customs duty on the Nepalese transit cargo in case of loss, pilferage etc. while in transit within the Indian territory. NTWC in lieu of this duty insurance provides guarantee-undertaking service for the import cargo of Nepal and Government owned undertakings from November 9, 1982.


 Other Transit networks

§  Haldia Port:

Haldia Port, situated in the south of Kolkata towards the Diamond Harbour is 135 km. far from Kolkata city. NTWC has its Sub-Brandh office with own office building along with staffs residence at Township, Haldia and is controlled by the company’s Kolkata branch office. It provides container yard facilities with an approximate capacity of 2360 sq. mts of open land spaces at the Haldia-Dock  Interior Zone out of total open area of 6985 sq.mtr.land.